Powerful Gods

This Year 8 enrichment group was inspired by an exhibition entitled Rakau Matuara we visited at Enjoy Gallery by New Zealand Māori artist Reweti Arapere. Rakau Matarau was an exhibition of works on paper and cardboard combining both 2D and 3D forms. The artist blends customary Māori art forms with tattoo and graffiti style influence, representing young Māori who identify with both Māori and metropolitan culture.

The young artists in this group looked carefully at Reweti’s designs and photographed street art around the city. They worked together to create their own cardboard sculptures based on  Gods and Godesses from Māori mythology such as Tumatauenga – God of War and Ruaumoko – God of Volcanoes.

They used cardboard, paper tape, marker pens and vinyl to create their pieces which were exhibited at the town hall during Wellington schools art week.


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